Atterbury Consultants, Inc.

09-Entering Plot Data

  1. Installing Pocket SuperEASY
  2. Starting Pocket SuperEASY
  3. Creating a Cruise Project
  4. Creating a Cruise Type
  5. Deleting a Type(s) from an Existing Project
  6. Deleting an Existing Project
  7. Data Storage
  8. Transferring Species, Sort and SuperACE 08 Grade Tables
  9. Entering Plot Data
  10. Deleting a Tree Record
  11. Calculator
  12. Plot Data Edit Routine
  13. Entering and Deleting Site Index Tree Data
  14. Down Woody
  15. Accessing Table Files
  16. Transferring Plot Data to SuperACE
  17. Uninstall Pocket SuperEASY directly from a Windows Mobile Device