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Pocket SuperEASY

Pocket SuperEASY is a program designed by foresters, for foresters. The program has on the fly error checking so that a simple misstep does not become a costly one. If the data entered does not make sense to the program, an error is generated to let the cruiser know that a possible problem exists. With Pocket SuperEASY, cruise data can be collected quickly and with confidence.

Reasons to switch from DOS/ROS systems to Pocket SuperEASY and a Pocket PC:
  • See multiple lines of data on the screen at one time (5 to 9 trees depending on the data input mode)
  • EASY download of data using Active Sync
  • Run multiple programs at the same time (i.e. ArcPad, Pocket Word, and Pocket Super EASY)
  • Store cruise data on a flashcard (markedly improves data safety)
  • Old DOS handhelds and DOS operating system are no longer supported
  • New laptops rarely have serial ports which makes downloading problematic with old handhelds

To use the Pocket Super EASY program, users must have SuperACE 2006 or newer.

Examine the manuals before you buy.

  • On-screen menus and error checking
  • Calculates log diameters inside bark for up to 6 logs at a time
  • Store data on a flash card or internal memory
  • Extremely easy to move between menu options with simple clicks of the stylus
  • Allows users to see data for multiple trees at one time
  • Works with soft keyboard and character recognition
Pocket Super EASY runs on Pocket PCs with:
  • Windows Mobile 2003
  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Windows Mobile 6.X
  • Microsoft Windows CE .NET V4.2

Contacts for Pocket SuperEASY

Diane Sandefur 503-646-5393 ext 10 E-Mail