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The RD1000 BAF Scope with a Lens Cover

Atterbury Consultants adds a lens cover to the RD1000 BAF scope prior to shipping to help protect the front lens while cruising without the magnifier.

Measurement Range
  • Diameter: 2" to 100"
  • Basal Area Factor: 1 to 127
  • Inclination: +/- 90 degrees


Modern Basal Area Factor Measurement

The RD 1000 BAF scope/dendrometer is an instrument suitable for all types of timber plot sampling. It automatically compensates for slope and can be used to determine in and out trees. This device uses an in-scope LED display that helps in poor lighting conditions. The user can easily determine the diameter of a tree at any point along the stem.

RD 1000 Electronic BAF-Scope/Dendrometer $1,595.00
  • BAF
    Visually estimates if trees fall in or out of a given plot as related to the specified Basal Area Factor.
  • In/Out
    Internally computes the limiting distance for questionable, borderline trees and determines if they are in or out of the plot.
  • Diameter
    Determines the diameter of a tree at any given height.
  • Height/Diameter
    Provides the ability to determine the height at which a specific diameter occurs.
  • Raw Inclination
    Measures inclination in percent slope.

Movie Clip showing the view through the scope.

User's Manual

RD 1000 Electronic BAF-Scope/Dendrometer -- $1,595.00

Receive a $500.00 trade-in credit from your serviceable American scale Spiegel Relaskop© when purchasing a new RD1000 from Atterbury Consultants, Inc.

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The RD1000 BAF Scope

  1. Does not fog up like other BAF devices
  2. Works well in dark stands due to in scope illumination.
  3. Calibration is simple and does not require disassembly.
  4. The tilt sensor stabilizes quickly and never sticks.
  5. Heights and diameters are displayed in the view finder and on the side screen.

Contacts for the Criterion RD1000 BAF Scope

Diane Sandefur 503-646-5393 ext 10 E-Mail