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Toby Atterbury - CEO of Atterbury Consultants, Inc. since 1985. Toby has 50 years experience in forestry, both nationally and internationally.

Sam Romanaggi, MAI - is a real estate appraiser and consultant with over twenty years of experience and a focus on timberlands. He has experience working nationally with most timberlands in the Pacific Northwest.

Jeff Jenkins - is a forester with 20 years experience serving as a senior project manager in timber cruising, forest inventory, timberland appraisal, environmental assessments, and wood supply study projects throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Each participant will receive a thorough manual on the process and constraints concerning timberland appraisal.

Seminar will be held in the training room at:

3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
Suite 124
Beaverton, OR 97005

The fee covers tuition and course materials. Class size is limited. Substitutions will be accepted. Payment or purchase order required prior to seminar.

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Timberland Appraisal Seminar

Our one-day Timberland Appraisal seminar is designed to assist both foresters and managers with the appraisal process. The seminar is also for appraisers who want to increase their knowledge of timberland appraising. The Income Approach, Market Approach, analysis and adjustment processes are a few of the topics covered.

Seminar Agenda

8:00 am Introduction
Questions, Guidelines, Overview
8:15 am Introduction to Appraisals
Terms, Concepts, Highest and Best Use
Roles and Uses of Appraisals
Outline to Appraisal Process
8:30 am Due Diligence
Overview and Data Requests
GIS Layers and Forest Inventory
Timber Descriptions / What is Important
Forest Practices Act / Eagles / Owls
Site Description
9:30 am Break
9:45 am Sales Comparison Approach
Define and Review
Using Timber Sale Comparables
Sale Comp research methodology
Confirming Sales
Types of Data / Where to Find Data
Adjustments Analysis of Timberland Market Data
Review Adjustmensts and Grids
10:45 am Underlying Land Valuation
Define and Review
Methods of Analysis
Extracting Market Adjustments
Using Vacant Land Sale Comparables
11:45 am No Host Lunch (One Hour)
12:45 pm Income Approach
Define and Review Income Approach
Explain Basis of Technique
Explain Discount Rate
LEV calculation-Faustman Formula
DCF Modeling
2:00 pm Cost Approach
Sum of the Parts
Situations for its Use
2:30 pm Reconciling the Three Approaches
Final Adjustment / Justifications
2:45 pm Break
3:00 pm Appraisal Reports
Outline / Types of Reports
Limiting Conditions
Reference Materials
5:00 pm Adjourn

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Seminar Benefits
  • Increased understanding of the approaches to timberland appraisal valuation.
  • Increased ability to find, analyze, and adjust comparables.
  • Learn to reconcile final value.
  • Provide the necessary information which will help each attendee appraise timberland in a consistent, confident manner.
  • Understanding of cruise reports.
  • Due diligence

This program was reviewed and is approved for real estate appraisal continuing education credit hours in Oregon and Washington.

This program was reviewed and is approved for professional continuing forestry education credits by the Society of American Foresters. This program meets the SAF's Continuing Forestry Education guidelines and standards. Maximum 8 CFE Contact Hours, Category 1

A printable and faxable registration form can be found here.

E-mail Diane Sandefur for more information

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