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Forestry consulting and appraisals for small and large land owners

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Purpose of Appraisals:
  • Federal Land Acquisitions (Yellow Book)
  • Loan Collateral
  • Aquisition Due Diligence
  • Loan Monitoring
  • Private Transactions
  • Periodic Asset Monitoring

Forestland Appraisals and Consulting Services

Atterbury Consultants offers timberland valuation and certified appraisal services.

These questions may help you decide if an appraisal or valuation is right for you.
  • Do you know how much your timberland property is worth?
  • Do you know what your actual income potential should be?
  • How does your timberland investment compare to other market investments?
  • Are there other resources on your property that have income potential?
  • Given current market and political constraints, what is the future value of your timberland asset?
  • Are your current annual reports produced by an independent third party?
  • Do you have confidence in the accuracy of your current annual reports?
  • What are the legal constraints affecting your property?
  • What can you do to increase the value of your property?
  • How can timberland ownership benefit your current portfolio?

The income approach to valuations involves the designing of a sustainable management plan for the property, while the market approach looks at similar properties in the region.

Atterbury Consultant's Timber Evaluation Model (TEM) can analyze a wide array of management and financial alternatives to determine the optimum value (income approach) when considering client needs.

Certified Appraisals
• Initial Appraisal
• Annual Updates

Asset Inventory
• Land Use
• Timber Volume and Value
• Other Resources

Inventory Verification
• Data Accuracy
• Mapping and Imaging

Timber Management Review
• Silvicultural Activities
• Sustainable Yield Analysis
• Ecosystem Health Analysis
• Harvest Planning

Income Evaluation
• Current Income Stream
• Potential Income Stream

Sale Potential
• Current Marketability
• Optimum Sale Period

Due Diligence
• Management Activity
• Historical Activities
• Loan Collateral
• Expert Witness Service

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Contacts for Appraisals and Consulting

Toby Atterbury 503-646-5393 ext 12 E-Mail
Jeff Jenkins 503-646-5393 ext 23 E-Mail
Sam V. Romanaggi, MAI 503-646-5393 ext 20 E-Mail