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ArcPad 8 with imagery ArcPad® 8

Map navigation
  • Zoom
  • Pan
  • Go To
  • Bookmark
  • and More...
Use existing GIS data
  • Shapefiles
  • MrSid Imagery
  • Exported Datasets from ArcView

ArcPad 7 with imagery ArcPad® 7


ArcPad® Field Data Collection Software

ESRI's ArcPad software is used for mobile mapping and geographic information system (GIS) technology. ArcPad provides database access, mapping, GIS, and global positioning system (GPS) integration to users out in the field via handheld and mobile devices. Data collection with ArcPad is fast, easy, and significantly improved with immediate data validation and availability.

ArcPad is a mobile mapping and geographic information system (GIS) software. ArcPad takes advantage of mobile computing and input devices such as GPS, rangefinders, and cameras to provide workers with the tools to collect, edit, update, and query GIS data in the field. Data collection with ArcPad is efficient and significantly improved with immediate data validation and availability. The end result of using ArcPad is a GIS database that is accurate, complete, consistent, and current. This leads to more accurate analysis and better decision-making.

ArcPad leverages existing mapping and GIS software systems and databases. ArcPad supports vector map and raster image display including numerous industry-standard formats. In addition, ArcPad supports most of the symbology used in ArcGIS Desktop, enabling you to display layers in your mobile GIS applications using the standards of your organization. ArcPad provides a comprehensive set of tools users need for collecting and capturing data in the field including redlining using a graphics layer, and extensive support for capture devices such as GPS receivers, rangefinders, and cameras.

What Can You Do with ArcPad?
  • Use Existing Data - ArcPad Supports Industry Standard Vector and Raster Image Display
  • Move Around a "Live Map" - Pan, Zoom, Zoom to the Full Extent of any Layer, Create Spatial Bookmarks, and Center on the Current GPS Position
  • Query Data - Identify Features, Display Hyperlinks, and Locate Features
  • Measure Distance, Area, and Bearing
  • Traverse Area for Acreage
  • Navigate With Your GPS
  • Connect a GPS and Follow your Movements
  • Edit your Data
  • Create Spatially Located Data Using the Mouse Pointer, Stylus, Laser Range Finder, or GPS Receiver
  • Include ArcPad in Your GIS Solution - Import, Export, Convert, and Project Your Existing Data Using ArcGIS Desktop 9.x, Including Defined Symbology and Label Styles

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ArcPad Features
  • Query Data--Identify Features, Hyperlinks, and Locate Features.
  • Measure Distance, Area, and Bearings on ArcPad Map.
  • Navigate and Collect Data Using GPS.
  • Edit Data in the Field.
  • Includes Point Offset Feature

ArcPad Studio with project in progress

ArcPad® Studio with a project in progress

With ArcPad® Studio you can customize data input forms and create new ArcPad® applications.

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