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SXBlue II connection ports

The M-1200E can connect with Bluetooth or a USB cable.

The SXBlue from the front

HOLUX M-1200E GPS Unit

The HOLUX M-1200E Wireless GPS Logger allows users to store up to 200,000 GPS coordinates. The data can be analyzed by uploading to a computer through its USB or Bluetooth connection. Once the digital images are integrated, the tracking history and the location the images were taken can be shared through ezTour or Google Earth.

  • Enhanced Algorithms SnapLock and SnapStart
  • Superior Performance Under Tree Canopy
  • Uses Bluetooth Wireless Connection or USB Cable
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry
  • Collect Points without a Pocket PC
  • 8 Hour Battery Life

Holux M-1200E User's Guide

ezTour Software
  • Sync photos to tracklog
  • Generate Google Earth file
  • Examine Points and lines agianst Google Maps imagery
  • Some editing of points and lines

ezTour User's Guide

The SXBlue II GPS Hat

The HOLUX M-1200E is small and lightweight.

The SXBlue II antenna

How to Determine Acres for 100 bucks with the Holux M-1200E

Contacts for GPS Equipment

Diane Sandefur 503-646-5393 ext 10 E-Mail